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Easy Days 'Clowning' around at the JHCC Carnival on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

We've been mentoring this quartet a bit. The "Teenage Quadruplets" ....sing like angels and are really cute...as you can see. They were featured at the BHS International Convention in Pittsburgh this last July, and wowed the crowd. 


Easy Days Quartet with their buddy John. March 2015
The Menomonee Falls Senior Fair -  October 2013
Deerfield Library Promotion September 2013
It was such a delight to have you with us last evening!  I'm getting lots and lots of comments from people who attended and its created quite a stir on our Facebook page.  Thank you again for such a fantastic performance and the history piece was wonderful.  I learned many new things about barber shop and so did many others.  A wonderful evening was had by all.  In fact, I'm being asked when you can can back for another visit, so yes, please keep in touch about next year.  I'm going to attach some pictures too for you to share with the boys....enjoy!

Greendale's 75th Birthday Celebration - Village Days Parade - August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Ruthie!
We sang at Luther Haven Retirement Community on Jan 3rd., and Ruthie was celebrating her 105th. Birthday. Fun time with all.

I wanted to send our sincere thanks to you and to the other gentlemen in the Easy Days Quartet for performing at our Summer Picnic. The picnic was a huge success! We had 140 people in attendance and everyone had a great time. We enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers and picnic food. After lunch, we had nearly 50 door prizes so we took our time calling raffle numbers and folks got to go up and pick among the prizes. And then, to wrap things up we had your wonderful performance with a beautiful mix of comedy and beautiful nostalgic songs. The best part was just seeing our clients chatting together and enjoying themselves. Many of them are no longer able to get out very often and live alone, so the chance to come out even for a simple event like this is very special.

A beautiful day to stroll, perform for an audience and ourselves today in downtown Greendale.
Sendik's Grand Opening
Christmas 2011 at Mayfair with Santa. He's the best!! He's been a barbershopper, so he sings a nice lead. We did Jingle Bells with him for some of the kids. They kept pointing, laughing and saying "I didn't know Santa could sing!" Fun stuff!
Olivia from a Harmony Inn party where we sang. Is she cute or what...she was a ham!!
Grand Opening Promo for Maroon Bells Stores in Bayshore
An excerpt from a message Bo Gibson received;
"Attached is sort of a pictoral progress of the MSO Chorus barbershop quartet from last week's Monday night Mt. Mary rehearsal debut to Sunday's post-concert pic with Maestro Marvin Hamlisch! The endorphin release hasn't yet subsided!
In the first pic we're with our barbershop coach, John "Bo" Gibson, who has a quartet of his own called Easy Days and who is associated with Midwest Vocal Express, the Hales Corners bbshop group in which my friend Mark Ranum is a member. His willingness to work with us, his generosity of time, and kindly manner were simply awesome--and it showed in the 3 performances. Special thanks go to Bo!"
James Sampson

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